Mosaic carpet or home doorstep

Creation of a mosaic carpet made in a classical style, with marble, signed ‘salve’. Custom-made mosaic created in the studio and delivered in-situ in Nice (France).
Mosaic making
Mosaic created on a net and then fixed directly onto the floor.
Materials used
Marble brown emperor, red Verona and beige botticino, hand-cut with a hammer and a hardie.
Mosaic dimension: 70 x 50 cm
Date completion of creation: 2016

MOSAIC CARPET for the threshold of a shop

A welcoming marble mosaic carpet!

Nothing like that to be greeted by a ‘salve’ in a lovely shop, especially if it is held by managers, nostalgic of ancient Rome and its atmosphere!

Brand name or unique pattern for a shop’s mosaic carpet:

Be original and distinguish your store with your own style!

Get a personalised mosaic doorstep for your shop entry! (see an example here for a restaurant) or a mosaic carpet to decorate the entrance of your shop or business!

Distinguish your business with an original and elegant mosaic decor!

Attract customers with your creativity!

A mosaic carpet for an entry can illustrate your brand logo: a sustainable and personalised sign! A pattern can be created with a stylised lettering and a special graphic to mark your footprint.

Whereas with noble marble or colored glass paste, mosaic applies to all styles (contemporary, modern or classic).

A mosaic artwork can add a fancy touch to a more conventional flooring. A mosaic carpet is easily inserted into a tile, wooden floor or concrete flooring (using very very thin marble or glass mosaic tiles).

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