Mosaic artwork decor

Mosaic artwork for a Yacht. Creation of a contemporary mosaic mural. Project designed by interior designers. Unique artwork designed and made in Stuc & Mosaic’s studio and delivered on a building site in Germany.
Mosaic making
Creation on marine plywood panel. Mosaic with uneven marble, fully cut by hand with a hammer and a hardie.
Materials used
Marble entirely cut in the traditional way with the hammer.
Mosaic dimension: approximately 2 m 2
Date of creation: 2004

Offer yourself a unique mosaic artwork!

Of course, a mosaic artwork distinguishes itself from an industrial mosaic because of its exclusive unique character, artist’s style and emotion it conveys whereas an industrial mosaic is cut with machines and remains impersonal.

An artistic mosaic is also very distinct from a low cost mosaic made by unqualified and underpaid workers. These mosaics have, very often, a tesserae composition which is not harmonious nor regular, whereas poor quality glues are being used and make the mosaic a product which do no last…

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