mosaic for a tombstone

Creation of a mosaic for a tombstone in marble and traditional smalts. Custom mosaic artwork made in the studio and delivered in-situ in Nice (France).
Realisation of the mosaic on a wedi panel in an aluminium frame.
Materials used
Mixture of marble and smalts handcut with a hammer and a hardie.
Mosaic dimension: 110 x 50 cm
Date of creation: 2016

Realisation of a customised mosaic for a tombstone

The death of a close person is always a difficult event but one can put at heart to achieve a lasting funerary artwork for the beloved.

What can be more representative than a tree of life, eternal symbol of life.

A revisited and customised tree of life…

According to the multitudes of interpretations, the tree of life symbolises life forces and recalls the importance of roots and development of life. It can also represent the existence of a person with the leaves, trunk, roots.

Contact a professional mosaic for your projects of a mosaic for a tombstone!

Buy a precise mosaic, of high quality, made with sustainable materials!

Mosaics created in the Stuc & Mosaic studio are made with art and professionalism.

The mosaic pattern is designed with and for each client depending on the client’s project and history.

For a precise cutting of marble or glass paste, traditional professional tools (hammer and hardie) are being used. The professional adhesives used are suitable for outdoor conditions and to secure a long lasting mosaic. A specific base or frame can be created for a mosaic for a tombstone, according to the structure.

A mosaic artwork differs from an industrial mosaic: it is unique, designed for its future owner, and because of its unique and exclusive character specific to the creation by a mosaic artist, it passes an emotion.

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