Baptistery with traditional Roman mosaic

Roman mosaic custom-made creation for the Baptistery of St Jean Bosco’s Church in Cannes la Bocca. Pattern inspired from an ancient mosaic (The original ‘Pax and Concordia’ was discovered in the Necropolis of Matares, Tipasa. It is preserved in the Museum of Tipasa in Algeria). Mosaic delivered to the Church and installed by local craftman.
Mosaic making
Creation on extruded polystyrene foam panel with various marbles cut in the traditional way: that is to say entirely cut by hand to reveal the uneven aspect of the marble.
Materials used
Natural marble texture as found on ancient Greco-Roman mosaics.
Date of creation: 2009

Creation of tailor-made mosaic artworks for liturgical furnishings and Byzantine icons for places of worship, for example: baptistery, way of the cross, Church tympanum, Christ in mandorla, Byzantine mosaics, sacred art mosaics…etc. (traditional mosaic method). Copies of ancient Greco-roman or Byzantine mosaics.

Commissions for ornamented furniture and funerary sculpture with mosaic in collaboration with the sculptor Jean-Michel Labarre.

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